Sublingual Immunotherapy

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Allergy sufferers often turn to medication for relief. While products such as antihistamines can reduce your symptoms, the effects are temporary. Immunotherapy is a safe and effective long-term treatment approach involving introducing small amounts of allergen to the body regularly in order to help build up a tolerance. Traditional immunotherapy or “allergy shots” involves injections, while sublingual immunotherapy is an oral approach utilizing drops placed under the tongue or tablets.

Once we identify the allergen triggering your symptoms, we’ll prepare an extract of the substance. This must be taken daily and consistently for a long period of time – typically three to five years – in order for you to build immunity. The dosage is small at first, but gradually increased over time as your immune systems becomes less sensitive and you begin to build up resistance.

Sublingual immunotherapy is an effective alternative to traditional allergy treatments, and works against a variety of allergies including pollen, dust mites and pet dander. It’s great for individuals who do not benefit from the usual medical treatment methods, and those whose symptoms seriously affect their quality of life.

Sublingual immunotherapy has some advantages over allergy shots. You self-administer from home, eliminating the need for frequent office visits, resulting in reduced expenses (fewer co-pays and less money spent on gas). No needles are required, so there is less danger of complications or adverse reactions. On the flip side, you’ll have to commit to a daily regimen in order for treatment to be effective. But when administered on a regular basis, sublingual immunotherapy can pay big dividends in the long run.